Posted by: jimndianne | October 24, 2009

Historic Village


A fairly straight run through to Sulmona on nice quiet country roads 018for a few hours until we found ourselves travelling up, up, and up a mountain pass with the wildest of winds and sleet! We could scarcely see the road in front of us and there was hardly another vehicle to be seen. Luckily, no snow had yet fallen there or we could have been in a bit of trouble!

025 (2)Sulmona itself was a most attractive little town with an ancient castle, a wonderful cathedral and an aquaduct going right across near the market square.

The streets were scarcely wide enough for our car (a Fiat Punto GL) to pass through but as many other cars seemed to be able to negotiate their way then so did we! 024I did have a few fears of losing some paint or a wing mirror though.


We returned to spend the night at a lovely home with “Villa Linda B & B” on a sign outside that we’d noticed on our way into the town and this was an excellent choice as it turned out. 091026-190734Our young hostess, Daniella, left in charge by her Mama who was away in Pescara, showed us to a lovely big room, beautifully furnished and with an ensuite containing a massaging spa bath! Wonderful!  Had a pizza & wine dinner in town at a cute little Pizzeria and slept very well that night.

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