Posted by: jimndianne | November 7, 2009

A Real Estate Visit

7 November 2009 France

We collected our laundry which should see us set for a week or so. The weather turned sour with very heavy rain and strong winds. This was not good as we had arranged the previous evening with a real estate agent  to visit a property. He had a number of properties that caught our eye and they were more in line with our budget. Have a  look at his website, which will give you an idea about what was on offer. The property we had lined up had an asking price of  77,000 Euro. It comprised two houses separated by about 30 metres and each having about 500m2 of land. One was in 053ruins with the roof collapsed on the second051floor and some of the external wall gone. All covered in a tangled web in what looked like  blackberries.




















The second house was partly restored and almost resembled a house but  the workmanship was not very well done. Very tiny inside with a total floor area up and down of around 60 m2. Only one bedroom, a very small lounge, a  kitchen and a bathroom. We flagged it away needless to say.



The owner did have a very friendly dog though!



  1. Hi Di and Jim

    I have just been catching up on your adventures. I am truly jealous. Keep up with the informative writing, it is so exciting. Pisces is dutifully sleeping at my feet with his new number one hair cut for summer. Cheers Kay

  2. Wow ! Aren’t you two having fun, however, it looks like the honeymoon is over and it’s now down to the nitty-gritty for you homeless ones ?
    Keep up those newsy notes.

    Lotsalove, Bro & Pam

  3. Is this ‘estate’ for ‘real’?? hehe just joking! These houses need serious reconstruction I think! Very interesting though. How are you two warm blooded dwellers coping with the French froid?

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