Posted by: jimndianne | November 11, 2009

Raining, pouring!

11 November 2009 France

Awoke to the sound of goats baa-ing close by, 016which turned out to belong to Valerie. We all had a good sleep-in today so we must have needed it! Coffee, French bread and jam, plus eggs which we cooked for ourselves, went down a treat as eggs have been rarely on our breakfast menus. 019Said our goodbyes to Valerie and her parents, the four goats and Melissa, the Border Collie. Their Guest House is ideal for a group of travellers due to its 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. It can be found by clicking on Domaine des Roujoux.

P.S. We also had our own lounge, TV area and kitchen/dining room.

At the local MacDonalds near Castelnaudary we used the free Wifi (as usual) to check our emails, etc, over a glass of orange juice. There were numerous folk there, eyes glued to their computer screens doing the same as us. It’s a great technical aid for travellers like us and especially Simone, who is heading off to Arizona this Saturday and is trying to get organised for that trip.

With the rain pouring down we drove our trusty Citroen C4 away in the direction of Toulouse once more. The weather made it impossible to do any further sightseeing so we took a country road to avoid the madness of the Autoroute and just tootled along quietly at our own pace. By the time we arrived in Toulouse we are ready for dinner and it’s still raining hard. Our hotel is right at the airport so we decided to grab some food at the airport cafe, which isn’t ideal but it’s too hard to locate anything else in this weather. After spending a few hours back in the hotel it’s time to take Simone back to the airport for her return flight to London at 9.30pm. We’ve had a lovely time catching up with her, which is always special when you live on opposite sides of the world, but we expect to see her again within a few months, possibly back in New Zealand in January. There are big hugs and kisses all round and she waves us goodbye until next time! Bye Simone, we’ll miss you!!

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