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Cahors and Undiscovered Red Wine

13 November 2009 France

Had a leisurely buffet breakfast at the Hotel, the usual croissants, raisin pastries, French bread, as well as (cold) boiled eggs, fruit salad, yoghurt and cereal. Visited an estate agent in the town (Yanec Lance), who let us peruse about five large books of real estate on offer. We arranged for him to take us to visit three properties later in the afternoon at a time which suited him. He recommended that meantime it would be nice for us to visit Le Mont Saint Cyr, a look-out high up and with a spectacular view  of the entire city and River Lot, as well as the Cathedral St. Etienne.

001 004

We were glad  we did as it was quite a magnificent sight from there. Another lovely place to visit was the Pont Valentre, an ancient three-towered bridge.

012 013

At 4pm we returned to Yanec Lance’s office to view the three properties we had chosen to see. They were all in small villages around 20km from Cahors in an area called Puy l’Eveque.

The first village was a real gem being so ancient and in great condition.



The house we looked at  there was fully restored > > and comprised three levels with rather steep stairs between each level. The owners live in Paris and this is their holiday home.

This is the front door and when viewed from up the narrow street  shows a small terrace coming off the second level. (above)ADORABLE MAISON DE VILLAGE AVEC TERRASSE

< This picture is of the second level with a large fireplace.


The next photo is looking out towards the door that leads to the terrace.

Total floor area 75m2 and the price was 99,801 Euro without any land to go with the deal!

The second proposition comprised two barns in a small hamlet, one of which had been partly restored with a new roof whilst the other was au natural!


The photo on the left is the better of the two with the second one just behind it.

Here is an inside view, totally empty but could build three levels and end up with a reasonable result.030

The outside view from what would be the front elevation.


The second barn really needs no 027comment at this stage – it does need a little work.

A considerable amount of land at 5,800 m2 which could be set up as an orchard.


Total cost 97,701 Euros

The third and final one of the d040ay was in another magic village close by.

The house proved to be very small and the workmanship of a poor standard.

The first picture is of  the outside,  tall and narrow eh!034

The second and third photos are typical interior views, again with very steep stairs.



Total living area 40 m2 for a price of 50,401 Euros with no surrounding land!!!

Ok, so that was that and no sale!!! But a great educational experience. However the first and third maisons would be perfect for a single person, maybe?

By the time Yanec returned us to Cahors it was well and truly dark. He had done a superb job of showing us these properties, including spending time showing us some more incredible villages, like Prayssac, in the surrounding area. We still had to travel to Figeac which was around 65kms away via a winding road alongside the River Lot. Upon arrival there we quickly located a Pizzeria (yes, in France) at which we shared the best Pizza Mexicane and delicious ‘kebab salade‘ (slices of kebab-style meats, as well as nuts, scattered through the leafy salad) that we had ever tasted! What a treat! We finally found our bed for the night, 22kms further on, booked via the Internet (thank heavens for the internet!), DSCF0364a wonderful little 2 star place called Hotel Restaurant Cruzel,  independently owned and run by the delightful Jean-Henri & Helene. On one level, it is more of a motel style of accommodation, very clean and compact, totally adequate for travellers and quite inexpensive. A nutritious breakfast is provided as well as a roaring fire in the fireplace, when necessary.


  1. That fully restored house ( on 3 levels ) obviously presents some great views of the surrounding countryside, but…….someone of my age and agility would find those steep stairs ( ladders ) a real challenge as time goes on. You could of course, hire someone to carry the groceries and laundry up and down. No doubt you are hoping to find something ” one level ” in an elevated position ( with views ) and without needing to don shoes with crampons. Just kidding ! Keep looking. You will find the right one for you two…..somewhere. Take it easy on the navigator Jimmy……it’s not as simple as that ? Lots of love, Bro & Pam

    • Gosh, but you’re a break-up, bro! An absolute scream! Think we just might keep looking, actually, so you can breathe easily and not have to remember your climbing boots when visiting us. Keep up the good work of reading about us. Will get round to commenting about the red wine eventually, just went a bit awol there…

      Love you both, take care, Di and Jimbo

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