Posted by: jimndianne | November 18, 2009

Dallas Fort Worth USA and Mexico City

18 November 2009 (USA, briefly…)

Continuing our journey towards the ultimate destination today of Mexico, the 10 1/2 hr flight from France through daylight was calm and very uneventful, which is surely what one hopes for in airline travel. American Airlines were impeccable with their service, plying us with delicious food and snacks along the way. The aircraft, being a B767, did not provide personal in-seat movies, these being shown on larger screens in the ceiling for all to see, (just like the old days). “Hotel for Dogs” was quite amusing and kept us occupied for a couple of hours.

For those pet lovers out there, this is a Notice seen in the latest American Airlines flight magazine:

CARRY ON PETS’ must stay in their kennels and under the seat in front of you. American Airlines assumes no responsibility for the well-being of carry-on pets.

On flying in towards the Dallas Fort Worth airport (Texas), it was very interesting to note the huge conglomerations of housing complexes which appeared to be all identical. After a one and a half hour transit stop in the airport, we changed aircraft for the two and a half hour flight to Mexico. Unfortunately, we were in the absolute rear of the plane, right over the wing so we were unable to see any of the terrain below. It was quite dark by the time we arrived in Mexico so didn’t know what we were coming to! Our bags arrived in good time and we were collected from the airport by our hotel shuttle, which carried us the short distance to the (4 Star) Fiesta Inn, a nice place with big inner garden area as well as fountains and a swimming pool. This was a good choice with a nice big room and two double beds! Exhausted by now from all the flying, it being 3 a.m. in ‘our’ day, though only actually around 8.15pm in Mexico, we collapsed into bed and slept the sleep of the dead…

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