Posted by: jimndianne | November 24, 2009

Off to Veracruz!

24 November 2009 Mexico

Upon leaving the Hotel Caribe, we spoke to Antonio via Miguel, who quite accepted the fact that we would not be putting a deposit down on any of his homes just yet. We have his business card and can also make contact through Miguel at a later date.  At the airport, while waiting for our 2.10pm flight to Veracruz via Villeformosa, we sampled some delicious nut muffins along with a beer. The plane, a Brazilian made Ebrauer, had just three seats across, one plus two, which was a first for us, but was quite comfortable. Viewed from the sky the Mexican landscape had changed from the dense scrubby bush and trees in the Yucatan area to that of many large lakes and rivers, winding endlessly across the countryside and with few signs of habitation. Once we approached Villeformosa, however, the scene changed to one of huge settled areas and the vast complexes of low cost living we’ve become accustomed to seeing.

Within a few minutes of landing, most of those who were leaving the flight had disembarked and a new crop of passengers entered for the leg to Veracruz. Our hotel 009 in Veracruz came as a pleasant surprise. It was a very inexpensive price when booked via the internet ($35) so we expected something a bit run-down but this was not the case. Set right on the sea front, it was a superb quality 4 star hotel with great views down the esplanade to the centre of

















Veracruz, some kilometers away. A walk was in order after all this sitting on planes and in taxis so we sauntered along the beach, where there many tented cafes set up right on the water’s edge, reminding us  of a similar scene in Bali at Jimbaran Bay! Strolling guitarists entertained the dining guests, though they were few, as a firm breeze was blowing in. Several Policemen  on top class Harley Davidson motor cycles also patrolled the beach, along with a Patrol Car! There were loads of fishing boats returning with their catches but by the time we reached that end of the beach they had already removed them.

Even with the use of our Latin American Spanish phrase book we were unable to decipher many dishes on the menu in our hotel, so took pot luck and ended up with two different tortilla dishes, one with a ‘strange’ brown gravy-like substance over it (Jim’s) and the other with a type of cream sauce which I actually quite enjoyed! You never know until you try something!

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