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More Housing Around Cotacachi

10 December 09 Ecuador

Ok, so the drought for internet has broken for the moment. We have been in an area for the last few days where there was a blackout of not only the internet but electricity as well. They have a drought here at present and the hydro power stations are not producing at their full capacity. So excuse us for the break in transmission but we are now back on line! (also not responsible – hee hee)

And so we continue …

One of the main reasons for coming to Cotacachi was to look at the available housing. Generally it has been of a very high standard and at bargain prices when you consider the same house and land package in N.Z. or Australia.

The house at Lake San Pablo (280 m2), mentioned in the last post, was priced at US$130,000 and included a boat-shed complete with three boats at the rear of the house!  A great BBQ and entertainment area allowed for a direct view of the lake as did the 12,205 m2 lot. For another US$120,000, the land next door of a similar area was also available and had a lush plantation of ten year old eucalyptus trees.

028 (2)


On the way back from Lake San Pablo we stopped off to view a couple of condos. The first picture is the two bedroom, two bathroom version at US65,000 and the second picture is the three bedroom Penthouse at US$95,000. Yes, the whole three floors!

033 (2)032







We returned to look at a rather nice complex we had seen earlier.  An American couple, new arrivals just three months before, had invited us and it was a good opportunity to get their impressions and experience of living there. The first photo below is of a house very similar to theirs. The next one shows the lounge followed by the study and bathroom.







This wardrobe is made locally and at US$750 must be a steal.  It was huge and very well made. These are the stairs leading up to the master bedroom which with its en-suite took over the upper level.

















We were in a Pharmacy to see what was available and happened to converse with a very nice lady, an architect/developer who had just finished a six house project. Did we want to see it? Yes. So off we  trotted with her. First picture is of a two bed house with a three bed two storey one in the background. The two bed was US$94,000 and the three US$119,000. The latter took our interest so the photos below are of this house.















There was a BBQ area out the back. In the background of the development are








stunning views of Mt Cotacachi, an extinct volcano at 16,200 feet and on the opposite side of the town is Mt Imbabura, another extinct volcano at 15,118 feet.



  1. Super stuff,- when I get time I’ll actually study it. Would like to see more close-ups of Di !!!

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