Posted by: jimndianne | December 28, 2009

Quito city.

21 December 2009 Ecuador

Took a good long walk today with Peter and Annie through a huge central park area of Quito to a large multi-storied shopping centre, “Le Jardin”. Just wandered around



not looking for anything in particular. Found an enormous food hall on the top floor and had some lunch there.  Continued on our walk looking for a textile shop we’d visited on our last trip into Quito but still without success after some time. Finally hailed a taxi by which time we were within a couple of blocks of the shop! Annie purchased a two lovely ponchos and I found a nice casual bag in similar colours to my own poncho.

So while Annie and Peter decided to go on back to the hotel ahead of us we took a taxi to a nearby department store where we managed to purchase an additional suitcase. This was for all of the extra bits and pieces we’d gathered on the trip and at a good price. One last thing we needed to double-check was whether we could indeed take on board Lan Chile airlines the two suitcases each (46kg total) we’d been told that we were allowed to check in. The Lan Chile office personnel told us that this was indeed the case so with relief we returned to the Sheraton. Our day ended with a final meal out for the four of us at a great little Italian restaurant close by the hotel, a pleasant change after all of the fairly plain Ecuadorian food we’d been eating for the past two weeks. Knowing that we had to be at the airport early, we said our goodbyes to Annie and Peter, vowing to keep in touch and meet up again one day!


So having now completed our four country investigation, this next country would be all vacation. We still have to decide on where we will eventually settle, but that is another day!

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