Posted by: jimndianne | December 29, 2009

We’re in La Paz, Bolivia

There are three new posts below this one. Without the internet we became a little behind but now, all systems are go and we are gradually getting back on track! The three new posts are “Nightmare Journey to La Paz”, “Quito City” and “Cotacachi again”

We’re safe & well here in Bolivia staying with our lovely friends Gabby & Gert since the 24th and we are absolutely having the adventure of a lifetime here in La Paz – you won’t believe the photos when you see them!

Our lack of correspondence has been due to a lightening storm on the first night that unfortunately knocked out the Internet at our friends’ house. So, until it’s back up we’re offline.

We do hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day and you are all looking forward to ringing in the new year in a few days time!


  1. Hooray ! It’s great to hear that you two are back on the planet after that long break in communications. We hope that your Xmas went as nicely as ours.

    PS- Please send us Gainsford’s email address when you have time … we lost a few addresses when our old computer died. Ta muchly.

  2. Hi you two globetrotters. What an adventure. I am getting itchy feet and would like to take off.
    I am glad to hear from you again and knowing that you are safe is most importent. There are such wonderful places in the world.
    We had a lovely Christmas with my daughter and family in Cleveland. Last night, New Year’s Eve, was quite. I hope 2010 is a year full of good things for you my friends and all others.
    Prost! Alan and Reinhilde

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