Posted by: jimndianne | October 17, 2009

Wag-n-Walk in Milford

Here we are in Auckland to spend three days settling Sprocket in to his new surroundings. Nic & Rich are looking forward to having lots of quality time with him, taking him on good runs alongside their bikes and teaching him some new tricks. We will miss him heaps but know he’s in excellent hands with them. Not enough time to catch up with our friends (sorry…) but we hope you’ll forgive us and we’ll see you all on our return in early January ’10.

Today we took Sprocket to his first New Zealand doggie gathering. So very many breeds to ooh and aah at while waiting for the 3km walk to begin. All of the dogs were very well behaved as were the owners, picking up after their beloved pooches… Sprocket had a great time and is learning to bark in ‘kiwi’!

Wag n Walk


  1. Looks cool. Heaps of dogs around..

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