Posted by: jimndianne | October 20, 2009

Hong Kong

DSC04455Having a quick pit-stop in Hong Kong for two days. Gosh, it has sure changed since we were last here in around ’94. Seems there are hundreds more high-rise buildings – high-density living indeed! The new airport well outside the city has taken away the novelty of flying in to land between the tower blocks and seeing people in their apartments preparing dinner! No problem getting a hotel shuttle bus and the B.P. International House (hotel) is extremely comfortable.

Next day had fun walking some old haunts in Nathan Road, eating Japanese food and buying sweaters in preparation for European weather!


  1. Safe travels. Don’t forget the tent ! Every beduin needs one. Happy birthday Sis ! ! !

  2. go safe and ENJOY–can’t wait to see if you find a perfect place xxxx

  3. Hi Jim/Di,

    You are bookmarked. Will follow with great interest. Pencil out June 2011. Possibility of canal-barge/biking Amsterdam to Brugues plus another event with old friends. Envy you a local yum cha.

    Guy and Kathy

  4. At Last, as I hadn’t heard from you I thought that you were very busy packing and organizing to leave. Bon voyage mes amis – I hope that it is France where you settle, as I plan to come over next year as my daughter has applied or is applying for a residence there now, so looks like she is staying. I am really studying the language as I want to have it at a certain level before I arrive next year. Making lots of new friends because of it.
    Hong Kong looks crowded, I haven’t been there for years either. C’est tout pour maintenant. Big hug Jen

  5. Thankyou for your generosity of spirit, establishing the blog, so we can enjoy your adventures too! Delighted to read about and view Sprocket,too! God bless.

  6. Thankyou for your generosity of spirit, establishing the blog, enabling us to share in your adventures! Delightful to see and hear about Sprocket, too! God bless.

  7. Hi you two globetrotters. Enjoy your journey and be safe and keep us informed.
    We are NOT going into a retirement village but buying a house at Twin Waters. Not far from when you trip to Deception Bay, Dianne. Will give you address when settled. On 28th we should know if we have sold.
    Best wishes and good luck.
    Reinhilde and Alan

  8. Hi, glad to know you’re on your way! We enjoyed Hong Kong in our stopover at the beginning of our trip through Europe. Too crowded for us though!
    Sorry, I missed your birthday, Di – hope it was a good one. Thought about you on ‘your day’ but weren’t sure where you were to catch up with you, so glad to have your blog to keep in touch.
    Take care and enjoy your travels.
    Sandy xx

  9. take care, have a safe trip and enjoy every new place you siscover.
    See you soon in South America

  10. I’ll be following you on your blog. I love the photo with Sprocket.
    I wish I had the courage to do the same. Maybe one day.

    Have lots of fun.

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