Posted by: jimndianne | October 22, 2009

Around Rome

ROME – 22 October

The following day we hiked up to the bus stop with our pull-along suitcases, catching the Airport shuttle bus into Rome. Interesting to note that it cost us €10 each to get from the airport to the hotel  in the hotel car whereas it only cost €2.00 each to get from the hotel to the centre of Rome on a local public bus, a much longer journey! We were last in Rome in 1973 but it didn’t seem to have changed too much! As we alighted from the bus, down came the heaviest downpour leaving us no choice but to shelter inside the open doorway of an apartment house! Finally, after a short walk once the rain had eased we were able to find a friendly taxi driver who knew where we wanted to go. We had again booked through just the day before, this time choosing  a small place called Sleeping Beauty Guest House.  (We had arranged to meet up with an old friend from Tashkent days,  Ann ( & Walter) at this point but unfortunately Ann couldn’t make it at the last moment.)  On arrival at Sleeping Beauty, our host informed us that he had had to move us to his other guesthouse, Snow White, which in fact was part of he and his wife’s own living accommodation! A Dutchman with a Guyanan wife and son, they were just superb hosts and we got along famously.

The rain continued to beat down but undeterred by this and with a newly purchased umbrella for Jim we headed out to recapture the excitement of once again being in glorious Rome! 010The Colloseum could be seen just along the road near the Guesthouse and as it was literally teeming with tourists being ushed through it we decided to take the Metro to Trevi Fountain. Well – I think everyone else who wasn’t at the Colosseum had the same idea that day and the result of this can be seen in the next photo! We have never seen the Trevi  Fountain looking so gay!


The Spanish Steps were next on the list (yes, Rich, just for you        mate!) and by now we were so drenched that our water-logged  shoes were just squelching  and the rain dripped off our brollies

015 and down our

necks at the back, leaving us in wet clothing too. What fun! It was definitely time to get inside out of the rain so a nearby Tearooms was located. However, though their front counter listed a cappucino as being €1.50, once we had sat down inside in some comfort it appeared that the coffees miraculously rose in price to  €7.00 each! Ripped off?  I’ll say! (Will someone at tennis please tell Gino he wrongly told us that coffee in Italy was expensive at €4.00)!

Did I mention the dreadful driving habits of Italians in general? Before attempting to negotiate the crossing of any road you must first look left (and right…) if you have any hope of making it to the other side. Cars never stop for you anywhere and always travel at breakneck speed. Luckily, there are so many automobiles on the road in Rome they must often travel bumper to bumper but don’t take that as gospel.

I definitely think that Rome is one of the most exciting cities in the world, without a doubt. Am doing my best with my 2008-acquired Italian and will keep on persevering with it! Little by little it resurfaces from my memory banks and then I feel pleased with myself. There are certainly few adults who admit to speaking any English here.  Can’t wait until we are in France in November and Jim has to show me how good his French is after taking basic French lessons!


  1. Nice work on getting to the Spanish steps! I guess the rain put a damper on a bottle of vino tinto there though.

  2. Rome Rule Number 1!

    Don’t sit down for coffee!!

    Hahaha we remember that one!

    Awesome place so good that it hasn’t changed after all those years.

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