Posted by: jimndianne | October 21, 2009

Arrival in Italy

FREGENE  – 21 October 2009

Yes, I know we’ve been a bit slack getting the Italian connection coming through but it’s not always easy to find Broadband or Wifi everywhere!  So – we finally arrived at Rome’s  Leonardo da Vinci Airport after a very long 13hr flight on Cathay Pacific. No complaints there though –  it was as smooth as butter all the way and the food was great too! Even managed to get around  5 hours sleep so that was a real bonus and we both wore the stretch stockings to avoid the dreaded DVT.

Had to wait over an hour at the airport for the hotel car to arrive and drive us to Fregene, a nice beachside suburb only 20mins from the airport. We had pre-booked La Conchiglia Hotel on while in Hong Kong, and decided  to stay there near the beach so we could relax and recover a little without the hustle and bustle of a huge city to contend with.  As you’ll see from the photo, the hotel was not grand by any stretch of the imagination but in fact it was very comfortable, relatively modern inside with helpful and pleasant staff. Managed to find a Lavanderia (coin op laundry) after a short walk into the village and sat with our inexpensive capuccinos (€0.70c) and pastries while waiting for the washing to dry.Hotel

A nice walk around the village showed us some attractive three storey homes 006on huge blocks of land. Their Roman owners use them as weekend getaways or for longer vacations, however now they were all tightly locked up since the warm weather had finished.


  1. Hi Jim & Di,
    Looks like your having an amazing time. Italy has an appeal to me esp. being an accordion player.
    I have a friend there – Claudio Beltrami . He built my accordion for me . If you get to Milano you would find him in Stradella . His business is buliding the Beltrami range of accordions there.
    His address appears to be :- Lab. [workshop] via S. Pertini 28 – Stradella.
    Very interesting – say hi from me.
    Regards, Colin Horsfall 18A Redan Rd. Kaitaia NZ

  2. Hi Jim Di Love your detailed description of your travels I am there with you With my imagination I wont have to go to Italy Saw a fabulous bussiness the other day Yes Glynis was here too It is commodity trading Works for this lady Makes 5% To 10% in one or two weeks You can trade anywhere Sounds good So keep blogging Will be keeping tabs Ivar xx

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