Posted by: jimndianne | October 26, 2009

Real Estate

PALMOLI – 26 October

Near Palmoli, last night we found Hotel Boomerang where we decided to spend the night and, 017yes, it’s owned and run by an Australian, Peter. Had a lovely dinner in the hotel, grilled vegetables, pasta with a delightful mushroom sauce, bread, and a plate of fresh fruit, followed by chestnuts hot from the hotel fireplace! Yummy! Room rate is less than anywhere else – 65 Euros including breakfast.

Today we will be taken by an architect friend of his to look at  some houses available for purchase.

002 This is one house that the architect showed us. Price as is was around €50,000 negotiable and he would arrange all the renovations necessary. Land was 4000 m2. All looked rather desperate but he did show one that he had renovated and it looked amazing. See below.001


  1. How is the chianti ?

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