Posted by: jimndianne | October 26, 2009

Villages and a Wind Farm

Villages near the Boomerang Hotel – 26 October

Drove up to Montefalcone, a delightful village almost in the clouds!

044Stopped for a photo shoot where necessary.   These hillside villages have extremely narrow streets with right-angle corners which makes driving very exacting! How any of the cars up in these places don’t show signs of ‘building rash’ baffles us!

Another quaint village was Doglieri, just a few kilometres from our hotel Boomerang.

045Along all of the tops of the mountain ranges in this area can be seen huge wind farms, their giant propellers slowly revolving (not much wind that day) rather like manic robots! 014


  1. After an exhaustive day at work I intended to leisurely scroll through my mail at home on my , still XP, controlled PC. Inadvertently I clicked the site of the two adventurers to whom I said farewell already, but also out of curiousity, whether or not they would have left Asia already. Love and behold I entered the Oct 26 site and found myself in the Boomerang hotel, not knowing that it meant I landed in Italy. When I saw all the wind mills I seemed to recognize parts of Germany but reading the diary I was thrown back in Doglieri, a place I always dreamt of visiting. Scrolling down I felt I was still going against the time but at least I recognized Rome. They are coming closer, I thought, and very quickly because it took them only 13 hours to leave the East and arrive in the West. I am still in doubt who is writing these interesting stories , but may be one is the driver and the photographer and the other one is busy scribbling down all the impressions absorbed while standing at a traffic light. Well done guys, keep up the effort because at the end of the journey this will have grown into something big. May be a BOOK.

  2. Wow! I can’t believe the adventure you guys are having :oD it just looks amazing. Keep up the good work blogging!! xx

  3. Wow guys this is so much fun reading, I can literally feel, taste and see everything so clearly that you are experiencing ! Happy home hunting 🙂 Love youse xxxxx

  4. Hey Hey Hey YOU GUYS, fant bloody tastic, how did you get so far so soon. Haven’t read all the gos’ yet, but boy are you doing a great job keeping us up to date.
    Typical me, I read back to front, found your 1str log right at the bottom.
    Luv u guys, have fun fun fun

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