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Italy:  Guglionesi – Montecilfone – Vasto – 28 October

Took a few photos of around Guglionesi while searching for a coin-op laundry (Lavanderia) but could only locate one laundry up a steep stone alley where they would only do it for you and would need 7 hours to do it! Gave up on that and went looking for food but little to be had there it seemed.003 Some of the houses needed a little support!

Drove back down the lovely winding roads to Termoli, once again, and discovered a great little Pizzeria opposite the station. Then had Calzone, which we’d been looking for and ordered one each, one with proscuito, mozzarella, and tomatoes and the other with mushrooms, ham, tomatoes and ricotta cheese. Eaten with a beer they were just to die for!

On looking for a place to stay for the night we came across Vasto, a nice little town beside the mare (sea). By chance we saw a sign for a B & B so drove directly to it, parking outside their barrier gate and giving them a call. Just a lovely home, there was a room available for us (we were their only guests that night) and we had our own lounging/dining room with tv downstairs and a bedroom with a great view of the sea upstairs. Owners, Roberto 018and Francesca had recently put in a new swimming pool but it was too cold to entertain that idea.  We took a 200 metre walk  through their olive groves down to the beach and were quite028surprised to see there was not a solitary soul there, except ourselves, 014024and a very pebbly beach. A lone fisherman could be seen in a small craft a few hundred metres from shore patiently waiting to catch his dinner. Slept like proverbial logs and woke to find our breakfast had been placed on the table downstairs in readiness for us. It was our best breakfast yet with hot apple tart, yoghurt, juices, croissants, coffee, crisp rolls with tomato and bocconcinci, also salami. Oh, yes, did I say there was cornflakes too, which is quite unusual to see here. This is a wonderful place to stay for a day or two (Villa Marianna, Via Mottagrossa 1, Vasto. Cell ph: 333.5493461.) There were two gorgeous dogs there, the photo is of Simba and Pluto, the beagle, was contained on a veranda as he has a tendancy to run off!

Left there at 9.30am saying goodbye to that peaceful, tranquil place.


  1. Wow – that place looks (and sounds) like absolute bliss!!!! I bet it’s amazing in summer too, but then you would probably forfeit the tranquility and having the beach to yourselves :o) xx

  2. To us pasta makers and lovers, the calzone sounded seriously good! You must be seasoned diary writers. It is amazing that we can get to so enjoy your journey without leaving home.


    Guy and Kathy

  3. Hi You two, As you know I just love this part of the world and will be visiting next year(France) that is. My youngest daughter signs a document tomorrow with her partner to make her like a legal partner and resident of France (common law marriage)I think we might call it, so looks like I will have a place to go to now for some time. My French is advancing in leaps and bounds as I am studying in earnest and did a presentation to the class ad libing last week and they could not believe how advanced I have got, that’s what happens when you put your mind to it. Mind you I take privat lessons.Your journey so far looks incredible love the journal you are keeping of your travels, please keep it up – just realized this morning that I could go into your web and have a look at it anytime.When you get to the South of France I will give you my daughters’ local phone number. Meet another Aussie who lives there towards the Spanish boarder she loves it and is fluent with her French. As I tell everyone I have a goal. Je me descends des avions voulez parler francaise. For now bye bye, keep safe and keep the journal coming. Love Jen

  4. I have been having a great catch up read! You guys obviously love food and I get hungry just reading. I agree with you Di, Rome is also one of my favourite cities. Oh the memories. Love Julie W

  5. Your blog is fantastic Di, looks like you are having a ball over there, I’m slightly envious from this end! Italy looks fab. and all that yummy food. Look forward to reading more of your adventures, keep it coming! Tennis is getting very hot, 32 degrees today, we are all missing you, had a lovely Melb. Cup lunch at Julie’s yesterday. Love Merrilee

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