Posted by: jimndianne | November 2, 2009

Goodbye Italy!

2 November 2009

Today we took “Baboo”, a Swiss low cost airline from Rome to Geneva and what an excellent little airline it is too! The plane looked almost brand new inside and out and although only a one and a half hour flight we were served small snacks several times, as well as water, juice, fresh coffee and chocolates. The few staff were immaculately dressed and couldn’t have been more polite and friendly! We plan to fly with them again on our next flight which is to Toulouse, France. Once in Geneva airport, we went online on our trusty new laptop and organised an evening flight to Toulouse, also booking ourselves an hotel there. It was raining on arrival but we took a local bus which stopped just a couple of hundred metres from our accommodation, the Hotel du Brienne. It was by then dark  but the three star hotel is quite close to the town centre and is just perfect, including a good price reduction as it is now Low Season here. And it has Wifi!!

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