Posted by: jimndianne | November 3, 2009


3 November 2009

Slept very well after our two flights yesterday. Decided to have the full buffet breakfast this morning so that we can do without lunch. Spent some time on the computer, as is usual, then took a good walk around the local town area here close to the centre. Raining on and off and quite cold too. Noticed a number of homeless people on the streets here. Checked out the local Carrefour supermarket and bought a few items we needed. Enjoyed a nice Basque Fondue at a nearby small restaurant but were ripped off price-wise for wine and dessert!


  1. Hi there, so you are in France now. What a good idea, hope that you find something that you can’t resist……my daughter Tina,signed her “pacte civil de solidarite” on MOnday so now she has some rights there as she is also buying real estate. I am still doing my studies and working and renovating the kitchen, in case I decide to sell for real. If you have a look at you will find some valuable info about loans etc. My friend has and apt in Toulouse and her son is at uni there, and Tina worked there in a chateau for some English people a couple of years ago. HOpe that you are both well. Very hot here now.

  2. Hi Didi and Jimbo Sounds like you’re having a ball. The driving sounds like a bit of an andrenalin rush, and the food sounds fantastic. Hope you enjoy Toulouse, I believe its the home of aeronautics in France so you’ll feel right at home Jimbo. Just saw Nic before she takes off on her big trip to Vancouver. How amazing was that! A $1 trip to Canada ( $127 with taxes)She’s so excited!It’s great being able to read and see all your wonderful adventures.Love to you both. xx

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